pumpkin carve-off 2011: movita versus THE WORLD

Do you like to compete? Sure you do. Do you follow movita’s annual pumpkin carving competition? Of course you do. Do you want to participate this year? Hells yah, you do!

Here’s the thing. I used to compete against The Rutherfords. They are your basic nightmare: good looking, healthy, active. Everything I am not. Everything I’m against. So, The Rutherfords have been reproducing. And here’s where I’m going to keep it real, people: those babies are kinda cramping my competitive nature. Mostly because The Rutherfords are pretty useless right now. They need a babysitter for like, everything, and they are always tired and stuff. Now, if I believed in having babies, I would (obviously) win that competition. But I don’t. I have worked very hard to ensure that the Cat Farm is baby-proofed (read: perilous to anyone under the age of 20). Also, people with babies are, like, totally unreliable and go to bed at about 7 pm. To summarize: The Rutherfords have lost their competitive edge.

So, here’s what I’m thinking: why don’t you compete with me? And other losers cool people from the interweb? The Rutherfords can still get on board. Who knows… maybe their kids will sleep one night and they can slap together one of their crappy pumpkins.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Create a super-awesome carved pumpkin. You can affix crap to the pumpkin, but there must be some carving.
  2. Send movita a picture (two maximum) of your super-awesome pumpkin by Saturday, October 29th @ midnight. In your time zone. Gawd, stop fussing. Anyhoo, I’d suggest a photo in natural light and one in the dark – you know, illuminated from the inside. But that’s just me. (Also, if you could downsize your photos to around 500k or less, that would be awesome.)
  3. Watch for a picture of your super-awesome pumpkin to appear on movitabeaucraft. I figure only about four of you will enter, so your odds of making it to the site are pretty darn good.
  4. Watch people vote for your super-awesome pumpkin. (The voting will take place Sunday, October 30 and Monday, October 31. Because that’s festive! The winner will be announced on November 1st.)
  5. Win the respect and admiration of many.

Yah. There’s no real prize. Just fame and bragging rights. Sounds fun, right? Good. It’s settled. Send me your photos.

Email photo(s) of your entry to movita {at} live.ca by Saturday, October 29th, 2011.

Oh, photos shouldn’t include you/your kids/your pets. We just wanna see your pumpkin. Be sure to send your name, email and any other information you might want included with your entry. That’s right – I’ll post some lame-ass story you tell me about your super-awesome pumpkin on the interweb.

Your personal information will not be posted on the interweb. That would be creepy. Just your first name, the photo, and anything dumb you’ve insisted I include about your pumpkin like, “my cat helped me carve this pumpkin! Isn’t that hilarious!?! LOL!!”

Actually, I refuse to post LOL’s on my blog. So don’t bother trying. And don’t send some photo you found online and then claim it as your own. That would be totally lame.

Here are some of our previous competitions.

The competition starts… NOW!

16 thoughts on “pumpkin carve-off 2011: movita versus THE WORLD

  1. This post made me do real life LOLs! 😉 This is a great idea, I would love to do this. Unfortunately I am also massively unreliable (and I don’t have children to blame it on. Thankfully.) but if I get my act together I will definitely be sending in some pictures and a hilarious story.

        • Ha! Sorry Julia – I read that you have children to blame. I naturally blame children for everything, and probably misread your comment due in part to that. Well, that, and the massive quantity of gin I added to my coffee. Anyhoo, yes, you can force someone else’s children to do the work. In fact, you’d be doing those poor parents a favour – you’d be like a pumpkin-based daycare. Win win!

  2. Ok, so I am finishing the build on a house, arranging a move and generally attempting to make sure my children are bathed and fed (we don’t always get there), but when I read your post about a pumpkin carving competition my reaction? Hells Yeah!

    Maybe this is a reflection of my sad mental health but count me in. Like today. I bought a pumpkin today for this. Seriously.

    Disclaimer: My children will be involved in the design of this pumpkin and I cannot be held responsible for any design choices they may or may not make. I will be doing the carving though, I mean really, I’m not that bad.


      So. I guess the competition is on. Good luck, m’lady, good luck .

  3. This is so exciting! I work the night shift, and I’m working the 28th into the 29th, so alas, my pumpkin carving may be a day late I’m sure.. Carving knives and a half awake person doesn’t seem like a great idea, boo to lack of sleep.. Which makes me sad I’ll be missing out on this, but I can’t wait to see what everyone carves! And maybe I’ll post up a picture of mine after I finish it? 🙂

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